Iron Horse
Take Your Image

Recommended Video Camera Settings: Standard Definition.
Recommended Video Format(s): Any format in standard definition is acceptable, although .avi and .mov formats are preferable.
Recommended Cinematographic Technique: Please hold the camera still! Move the camera from side-to-side to keep the horse within the frame, but do not move the camera up and down. Please do not zoom in or out during filming.

Requested Footage:

With the horse standing square on a level surface:

  • Front views of both front feet together

  • Front views of both front legs together

  • Lateral (from the side) views of each front and each back foot individually

  • Side view of the entire horse (from both right and left sides)

  • Rear view of both back legs together

With the horse moving on a hard (e.g. asphalt) surface:

  • Walking in hand on a loose lead (straight line)

  • Trotting in hand on a loose lead (straight line)

With the horse on a soft (e.g. arena) surface:

  • Lunging in both directions at a walk, trot, and canter

  • Under saddle at all gaits (if applicable)

When completed, download your video to your computer or smartphone.

The Atlanta Equine Clinic - 2012