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Approximately 251 million tons of solid wastes were generated in the United States in 2010. Of that, food residuals comprised about 12.4% or 31.1 million tons. Unfortunately, only 4.4% of food waste (744,000 tons) was recovered for recycling; the rest (about 95.6% or 3.04 million tons) was emptied into landfills or waste-to-energy facilities. Diversion of organics from the municipal solid waste stream into recycled products has been slow due to the typically high-moisture and putrescible nature of food residuals.

In the meantime, the price for petrochemical fertilizers continues to rise due to the shrinking availability of supplies necessary for production. Moreover, growers are becoming more aware of the ill-environmental impacts that go along with producing and implementing petrochemical-based fertilizers. And while petrochemical fertilizers may improve crop production in the short-term, profit is largely offset by costs incurred through the inavoidable loss of product as well as the concurrent use of pesticides and herbicides.

Soilfertil’s solution to this problem involves the expedient and opportunistic use of tremendous quantities of already-existing food residuals to provide the basis for their soil amendment. SOILFERTIL’S technology encompasses the collection and processing of organic food residuals from facilities that have minimal environmental impact, such as Whole Foods Market™.

SOILFERTIL's amendment directly benefits the soil by releasing nutrients that are readily available to the microbial population residing within the grass roots. Increased microbial activity enhances the soil's overall health and ability to retain water. Healthy microbes give the grass roots access to nutrients that were once unavailable in the soil. At the same time, improved soil web activity inhibits the invasion of disease and pests.

Growers can expect to use less water and a reduced amount of herbicides and pesticides.

Natural soil health is eventually reestablished, as carbon sequesters in the soil and plants absorb what was once food residuals. Soilfertil's efficient conversion of a problem material into an effective amendment has significant agricultural and environmental benefits for horse owners.

Because Soilfertil™ is purely organic, it can be applied at anytime without posing health risk to your horses, even if they are turned out at the time of application.

The Atlanta Equine Clinic recommends Soilfertil because it is effective, healthy for the environment and safe for your horses.


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