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Prepurchase Consultation Service

The Atlanta Equine Clinic consults on numerous equine prepurchase examinations every year. Each AEC consultation is designed to supplement observations and opinions of the primary veterinarian who is performing the physical evaluation. The Atlanta Equine Clinic staff meticulously reviews various aspects of the examination process with the intent of formulating an opinion that enables you to make the most informed decision possible with regard to your purchase.

Our Prepurchase Consultation Service includes the following:

  • DATA REVIEW. We will review any history that is available on your potential new horse, your questions, concerns and comments, as well as the entire prepurchase report provided by your primary veterinarian. We will review every piece of information that we receive.

  • VIDEO TAPE REVIEW. We will review video clips of the horse moving to determine if asymmetry and/or lameness is present. Video clips will be hyper-analyzed using the latest Equine TecŪ software to identify likely cause(s).

  • DIAGNOSTIC IMAGE REVIEW. Any radiographic, ultrasonographic, endoscopic, nuclear scintigraphic and/or MRI images will be carefully reviewed. All abnormalities will be listed in an Image Interpretation Report which will also discuss those considered to be clinically significant with regard to your horse's future performance.

  • CONCLUSIONS. We will formulate an educated and professional opinion with regard to your horse's ability to perform in his/ her intended capacity. Possible problems, suggested treatment strategies and likely maintenance expense will also be discussed. This opinion can be used to supplement that of your examining veterinarian.

*The cost of Prepurchase Examination Consultation is $125. Click HERE for more information and specific item requests.

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